The Manager
Acquisition Growth

The Manager will pursue potential asset acquisitions that will provide attractive cash flows and yields relative to MPACT’s weighted average cost of capital, and opportunities for future income and capital growth.

In evaluating acquisition opportunities for MPACT, the Manager will focus primarily on the following investment criteria:

  • Value accretions; 
  • Yield thresholds; and
  • Quality of the asset, including
  • Location; 
  • Asset enhancement potential; 
  • Building and facilities specification; and 
  • Tenant mix and occupancy characteristics.

The Manager intends to hold the acquired properties on a long-term basis. However, where the Manager considers that any property has reached a stage that offers limited scope for income contribution or growth in the future, the Manager may consider selling it and use the sales proceeds for other purposes, such as alternative investments in properties that meet its investment criteria.

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