Investor Relations


Our Investor Relations Policy

The Manager adopts the principle that all Unitholders should be treated fairly and equitably and their ownership rights arising from their unitholdings should be recognised.

The Manager is committed to high standards of disclosure and corporate transparency. We place a high priority on providing accurate and timely disclosure of financial results, announcements and relevant information related to MPACT to the public. To do so, we endeavour to use clear language and maintain consistent disclosures on both positive and negative issues. We proactively engage investors, analysts and the media to communicate our business case and to understand and address their concerns where possible. Various avenues and modes of communications are in place to facilitate regular and frequent interactions with the investment community. These include: 

  • Announcements, press releases, investor presentations and related general information are updated and easily available on MPACT’s website at
  • All financial news releases and stock exchange announcements are published and available on the SGX-ST website.
  • Investors and the public can sign up to MPACT’s electronic mailing list to receive email notifications of news and updates related to MPACT.
  • Enquiries and feedback can be conveniently sent to the Manager through the "Contact Us" link on our website.

Ms Teng Li Yeng
Director, Investor Relations


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