Key Facts
Developing for success and sustainability
Building a Strong Volunteerism Spirit

Recognising that successful community initiatives go beyond financial giving, Mapletree’s employees volunteer their time actively and engage the communities where they are based at.

The Mapletree Staff CSR Programme was launched in 2014 to encourage employees to lead ground-up CSR initiatives. Employees were encouraged to form teams and submit ideas, and selected teams were awarded seed funding of S$5,000 to carry out their activities. The criteria for the award of seed funding include the quantifiable impact of the initiative, staff commitment, and long-term partnership with the beneficiaries.

In FY20/21, a total of 14 teams from seven markets where Mapletree has business presence, were awarded seed funding to carry out staff-led CSR projects. The teams which conducted their activities were from our offices in Singapore (Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust Management), Australia, China (Beijing, Chongqing, Foshan and Shanghai), India (ADAMAS Builders Private Limited, Global Infocity Park Chennai and Mapletree India Management Services Private Limited), Japan, the United States (Atlanta,
Chicago and New York) and Vietnam.



Singapore-based staff CSR initiatives The Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust Management team collaborated with Food Bank Singapore to pack and distribute food and care bundles to needy communities near Mapletree's properties (3rd Year). 







Outreach efforts by overseas staff volunteers

In China, the Foshan team conducted a youth holiday programme while the Beijing team improved the learning environment of Tianjin Star Child Integration Development Centre through teaching aids, stationery and hardware supplies. Other teams continued their support; the Shanghai team assembled furniture for the children at the Shanghai Xuhui Xing Yuan Children’s Health Institute (4th Year), while the Chongqing team donated Covid-19 protective equipment and book vouchers to Chongqing Yuzhong District Rongzhi Children development rehabilitation training centre (2nd Year).


The team from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam carried out a book donation and tree planting activities as well as provided scholarships to the local primary school students from low income families (3rd Year).

In Australia, the team from the Sydney office donated school supplies and participated in Cooking for a Cause to provide meals to needy communities (2nd Year).


Over in the United States, the Atlanta team embarked on an online financial literacy workshop for at-risk youths while the Chicago team provided low-income children with educational opportunities and hockey training (3rd Year). The New York team partnered Art Start to use creative arts to transform at-risk youths through workshops (3rd Year).  

Meanwhile, teams from India, which utilised its own budget in accordance with the India Companies Act, continued to improve the infrastructure for schools in Bengaluru and Chennai by renovating the compounds to facilitate learning (2nd Year).